Riverside Mill House from Isleworth Ait

For all residents and owners at Riverside Mill House to continue to enjoy the peace and tranquility of our setting.

View of Riverside Mill House

Website for Riverside Mill House Residents Association use

In the process of updating to a wordpress blog type self managed site. All articles and images for inclusion will be accepted, any local information and/or local knowledge gratefully received.

Hi Owners and residents, Thank you all for your careful considerations and valuable comments on this important issue for our best interests of all owners and residents here. As you know the Riverside Mill House Residents Association was formed on Monday with the backing of more than 50% required. Over 14 residences in all expressing support.

"The aim is for Riverside Mill House exterior works and interiors and grounds management to be carried out correctly and professionally by a management company of our choosing and answerable to the Residents."

A letter from the Riverside Mill House Residents Association will reach the offices of Hamilton King before the cut off date expressly forbidding them to carry out the works on our behalf because of a lack of confidence in their abilities following the information found on them and their track record. Please feel free to write to them yourself.

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